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"Many hearts opening the doors of Spirit
Giving from Spirit over 100 years of service"


  As an Independent Spiritualist Church,
we believe in the Fatherhood of God,
the Brotherhood of Man,
and Communication with Spirit.



We believe in the Bible and the metaphysical understandings of what has become known as God. We also believe in the truths of other sacred text from around the world.

We believe God comes in many different embodiments known by the many names mankind has given this source:  Great Spirit, Higher Self, The Great Source, etc.  We know there are many truths of spirit, and through coming together to share what we know in harmony of this truth, we can open to a greater understanding of the mysteries and teachings of Higher Consciousness and the Divine Source.

We believe in Spirit communication through mediums as channels of the energy. Mediums can channel messages through any of the three mechanisms of communication: Clairvoyance (seeing spirits), Clairaudience (hearing spirit), and Clairsentience (sensing the energy of spirit). We also may use tools such as tarot cards, gazing (scrying) mirrors, pendulums, talking boards, etc. These tools are not necessary for a medium to connect with spirit, but may help mediums who use these tools to focus with the connection of spirit. Others may call this paranormal, but the spirit world is only another plane of understanding our existence. We go on our journey through many realms to find our true potential as spiritual beings.

We believe in the healing power of God. We conduct healing service and have healers who act as channels connecting with the Great Source as channels of healing light. We channel this energy through the aura and energy centers known as chakras of the recipient to help balance them in healing light.

  Come explore with us the mysteries the Universe holds.




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